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By | June 20, 2018

How to Select a Reliable Legal Transcription Provider

Whether you’re law enforcement, law firm, or insurance company, etc, you need quick access to important legal documents related to a case you’re handling. You could turn to professional real-time reporters with the ability to transcribe your legal video or audio into a format your team can review with ease. These transcriptionists come in handy when you need to move with speed and act on certain depositions, court hearings, and out-of-court mediation. Transcription services are also needed in public hearings or even medical board proceedings.

Below are useful steps for spotting a reputable legal reporting provider out of a potentially crowded online marketplace these days.

To find the best provider of court transcription services, you may not need to go further than asking your colleagues about the specific firm they usually use. So, start by seeking honest views from their previous customers while paying close attention to both the pros and the cons. You may count on your professional peers to refer you to the right transcriptionist because they can give a first-hand testimonial of how great the agency is within your area of practice.

In certain uses of legal audio or video transcription, all pertinent files must be treated with discretion. A case in point is law enforcement, whereby a third-party service must never leak to unintended recipients any reports on court hearings. Thus, if somebody is recommending a certain transcriptionist to you, let them give an assessment of how competent the provider is when it comes to protecting confidential legal material.

In case of extremely sensitive information, the best court reporting firms assign the transcription responsibility to only accredited staff. As a customer, you may also want a prospective provider to include additional layers of information security, such as thorough background checks and fingerprints for all staff involved.

It helps to work with a minimum of three recommendations before settling for one. Visit each of the potential transcriptionists’ website. A look at numerous website features can reveal how competent the specific service is. Is the website professionally designed and does it have up-to-date content? Additionally, is the site functioning optimally in all aspects, including navigation icons and registration forms? Keep looking and determine if the agency has symbols of trust, including the Better Business Bureau. Is the firm registered with a recognized local or national organization of experts?

Similarly, don’t forget to listen to past video or audio transcriptions to make sure that it’s accurately reflected on the provided text. Such files may feature on the agency’s website, or you might request the provider to send you electronic copies.

Hopefully, the above points can help you find a legal video transcription service that offers high-quality services the first time!

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