Green Tea Mattress for a Restful Sleep

By | July 10, 2018

People need rest whenever the body requires it. Without adequate rest, there is little the body and the brain can accomplish. There are ideal conditions that maximize the positive effects of rest. One such condition is the mattress. Companies are spending millions of dollars every year to make the ideal mattress, one that offers great support to its user. One such mattress is the Green Tea Mattress.


The green tea mattress is made of memory foam. There are different layers of different types of foam to allow total support for its user. Manufacturers also incorporate natural green tea to maintain a fresh feel for the user. The good thing with the added green tea is that the effects are long-lasting. It, therefore, stops the mattress from developing bad odors. The use of green tea as opposed to other substances made the mattress eco-friendly.


The green tea mattress has a rating of 6/10. The top layer is made of memory foam which is ideal because it conforms to the sleeper’s body, allowing comfort. The second layer is made up of comfort foam. The purpose of this second layer is to give added comfort to the sleeper by allowing equal distribution of weight. The third layer comprises a high-density airflow foam. It allows easy circulation of air into the mattress thus helping with heat regulation. Airflow technology helps with alleviating heat retention. This makes for a cool restful night.

Comfort and Support

The green tea mattress is highly rated when it comes to offering comfort and support to its users. The mattress offers support for back sleepers by evenly distributing their weight throughout the rest period. It also keeps the spine perfectly aligned for stomach sleepers so that they do not wake up with sore necks, shoulders, or backs. Side sleepers will also enjoy this mattress as it offers great support. This is good because, for side sleepers, weight is concentrated on one point. The support helps keep their spine properly aligned.

The green tea mattress utilizes technology that allows it to give great value to the buyer. One can see this page for a more comprehensive review of the green tea mattress to help make a more informed decision.